The following information explain some of the safety measures applied in Embryoclinic to protect patients and staff members against infection.
Please take some time to read them and prepare for your visit to the clinic.

1st Step: During your first contact with Embryoclinic and before booking your appointment you will be asked questions regarding possible infection and receive information about the safety measures in the clinic.

2nd Step: It is very possible that you will be requested to have a test to detect possible infection prior to your treatment.

3rd Step: at the time of your visit to the clinic you will have your temperature measured and asked to wear a face mask, have your hands cleaned with antiseptic and have your shoes covered , all will be provided by the clinic staff.

4th Step: You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which will help the clinic to estimate your risk of being infected.

All appointments are schedule so that there is a social distance of more than 1,5 meters in the waiting room.
The staff will take care so that there is a minimum of waiting time in the area.
If you belong in a vulnerable group susceptible to high risk of infection or infection complications, if have visited a high risk area or have a family member with Covid-19 or you suspect possible infection or experience symptoms please report immediately to staff members.
All medical equipment and surfaced is the unit are being regularly disinfected by authorized personnel.
Air conditioning systems are also disinfected and their operation is in terms with guidelines provided by local authorities.

The team of Embryoclinic has taken special care for your safety during the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic and you are kindly requested to follow the safety measures.

We will be happy to provide more information regarding our safety measures, please contact us in info@embryoclinic.eu or ask your fertility coordinator if you are already a patient.