20 years of Robotic Innovation in New Europe

20 years of Robotic Innovation in New Europe: Proud participation of Dr. Elias Tsakos MD, FRCOG Robotic Gynaecological Surgeon, representing Greece.

Robotic Gynaecologic Surgery is the state of the art surgical innovation and technology in the Gynaecologic Surgery field, with astonishing growth and expansion in Greece, Cyprus and other countries of “New Europe”.

Dr. Tsakos and GynSurgery team, being amongst the most recognized Robotic Gynaecologic Surgery Experts in New Europe, were invited to present their success story in the celebratory event “20 years of Robotic Innovation in New Europe” by SofMedica.

Amongst other experts and world-class Robotic Surgeons, Dr. Tsakos presented the team’s experience, from his initial contact and exposure to Gynaecologic Robotic Surgery to date, an impressive achievement considering the financial disparity not only between Greece and other European countries but also between North Greece and Attica (based on Eurostat data).

Dr. Tsakos’ lecture culminated in the presentation of multiple upcoming GynSurgery Robotic Gynaecologic Surgery research projects, with the aim to advance global scientific knowledge on the benefits of robotic surgery and to further refine various techniques and patient selection criteria in clinical practice. This effort is aimed at producing primary clinical data from Greece, which are currently lacking.

For more information please visit the GynSurgery website, due for launching soon.