25th SCHMS & 13th International Forum

25th SCHMS & 13th International ForumEmbryoclinic is honored to contribute and participate in the 25th SCHMS & 13th International Scientific Conference in Thessaloniki
Dr Elias Tsakos MD DFFP, FRCOG,Founder and Medical Director of EmbryoClinic IVF Greece presented:
Keynote Talk
Global Thinking
Fr. 10.5, 18:00-18:30
Chair: Georgios Lales, Eleni Tsotridou
Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Global Perspectives

Upcoming Presentations:
Su. 12.5, 10:45–11:45

📌 Tsagias Nikos,MD, PhD, Obstetrician Gynaecologist,Fertility Specialist : Advances in IVF (Medical aspect).
📌 Lia Kasapi,Senior Clinical Embryologist :Embryology Laboratory
State of the art techniques and future prospective