5 Tips for Fertility Treatment Abroad

5 Tips for Fertility Treatment AbroadCrossing borders and having fertility treatment abroad is becoming increasingly popular.
In study by Fertility Network UK, 93% of people trying to conceive would consider going abroad, and those who had been abroad for fertility treatment, would go back again.1
The main reason for IVF abroad is related to cost, as patients look for affordable treatment. Others turning to healthcare tourism are looking for egg or sperm donation, have had previous unsatisfactory care in the UK or perceive better success rates for IVF abroad. Several patients are also looking for treatment in a less stressful environment.

If you are considering IVF abroad, check out our 5 tips for healthcare tourism when trying to conceive.

1. IVF Abroad: Choosing a Country

Certain countries are known to have good fertility regulations while maintaining a high quality of care at reduced cost. Make sure the country you chose has fertility friendly laws and strong governing bodies that regulate healthcare professionals’ activities and clinics. The most popular destinations for fertility treatment abroad are Greece, Spain, Czech Republic and Cyprus. In Europe, look for clinics who follow the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology guidelines (ESHRE).

2. Which Clinic?

Take time to get to know the clinic and the team who will be treating you. Start by searching and engaging with the clinic online. Check they have the right certifications, are renowned in this field and recognised by others. You can also check patients’ feedback in several forums.
Most clinics offer consultations via Skype or even in person in the UK. This is essential to learn about their services, how they can help you and learn about what the process involves.
Patients going abroad for fertility treatment are usually attracted to the high standard of care provided and the person-centred and individual approach which is so important when trying to conceive.

3. Treatment: high standards, low cost

Healthcare tourism and fertility treatment abroad is usually less expensive than in the UK. You can find well established fertility clinics, with good success rates up to 50% cheaper. There is usually shorter waiting lists and access to a higher number of donors.
Check if the clinic offers the treatment you need and how much it costs. It is also important to ask about emotional support as this is an important part of treatment.
Most clinics abroad also have patient coordinators who speak several languages and are available to answer questions, manage appointments, book travel and deal with all day-to-day practicalities. They will look after you before, during and after treatment and make sure the process runs smoothly.

4. Travel and Accommodation

Once you have chosen a clinic, check the cost of living in that particular area and account for travel and accommodation costs. Some clinics may have special deals with local hotels. Even adding these costs, fertility treatment and IVF abroad might be cheaper than in the UK.
Ask your clinic how many times you will need to travel there and how many days you need to stay. Most tests, exams and consultations can be done in the UK and you only need to travel for the procedure itself. The clinic may be able to help you organise your travel or you can do it yourself using websites like Booking.com and Skyscanner.net

5. Trying to conceive in the perfect scenery

Most patients seeking treatment abroad are also looking for a less stressful environment. This is the opportunity to break from routine and enjoy the beautiful scenery alongside low-cost treatment. It can help you focus on treatment without having to worry about day to day things, keep you distracted, and even reconnect with yourself and your partner.

If you have been trying to conceive and are now thinking about IVF Abroad, you are joining those 93% of people who feel attracted to high standards of care, at more attractive prices, with shorter waiting lists and a complete medical team concerned with making you feel comfortable and safe. Our 5 tips will get you started so you can get the fertility treatment you need in the most perfect location. Check out EmbryoClinic and how we can help you in your journey of fertility treatment abroad.