EmbryoClinic Green continues its actions with its active participation in the tree planting that took place in the former Kodra camp. An initiative of we4all with the participation of many people of all ages for a healthy environment for all of us!

Fertility is about the future, and the future depends on the environment!

Let us all set the achievable goal of planting one tree a year!
We thank our team for its participation and the organizers who gave us this opportunity!

“Green” Meeting – The Green Team

To organize our green program and create an environment-friendly facility and operational routine, we formed a green team!
Embryoclinic’s green team is responsible for weekly meetings to set goals and make sure these procedures towards sustainability are implemented.

The areas we focused are waste management, energy saving and selection of environment friendly products.
For every step an educational session for all staff members is organized and weekly reminder tips are send to everyone.

The team also aims to positively influence our patients towards a healthier lifestyle through social media posts.

Stay tuned for more action towards a lifestyle with respect to the environment.