We only accept the highest standards of care in our practice and therefore are always happy and proud when our work is recognized and rewarded by distinguished organizations and institutions in the field of Reproductive Medicine.

EmbryoClinic has received multiple awards for our excellence in the medical management and care of fertility patients in Greece and abroad. Furthermore we have earned distinctions for our dedication in the prioritization of our patients’ safety during the COVID-19 era, with immediate and decisive implementation of appropriate measures and protocols. Our contributions to the advancement of medical knowledge have also been recognized, with our work earning distinctions in Scientific Conferences and being awarded for its innovative perspective. Our dedication in improving and facilitating interaction with our patients and our attentiveness have also earned several distinctions for EmbryoClinic. Finally, we are proud to have been recognized as a great place to work by our employees and we thank them for their dedication and for tirelessly striving for excellence in their work every day.