Reproductive Health

As with every other organ or system of our body, the reproductive system has its own unique functions, requirements and, unfortunately, disorders and conditions. What distinguishes reproductive health assessment and treatment from every other system however, is that it involves both partners as a whole and thus should be performed by a Reproductive Specialist, following a holistic approach. Fertility-related issues have become increasingly prevalent in modern times and are complicated, given the complexity and precision of reproductive functions in both sexes, in addition to the multiple underlying female and/or male factors that may cause infertility.

At EmbryoClinic, we provide complete, thorough assessment of both partners, in-depth investigation of reproductive function and examination of common underlying causes of infertility.

Menstrual cycle
  • Normal physiology
  • Explanation of cycle phases
  • Fertilisation & implantation
  • Female fertility
  • Male fertility
  • Female factor infertility
  • Male factor infertility