Holistic approach

The human body is a single unit. Therefore, a “holistic” approach, which takes into consideration all factors and aspects of your reproductive, psychological and general health may have significant benefits for your fertility potential.

Holistic solutions involve no pharmacological interventions and are provided by certified experts. Such solutions include:

Coaching sessions by certified consultants that assist you with maintaining the discipline required to complete your fertility treatment and handling the associated stress. Life does not stop when you set off on your path to parenthood and this path is often long and complicated. Fertility coaching helps you incorporate it into your life, stay motivated during the hardest of times and evaluate your options, in order to ensure an optimal, enjoyable journey.

Acupuncture has been shown to exert a positive effect on fertility, as it can reduce stress and improve the body’s endocrine function. It has been shown to assist in cycle irregularity and endometrial receptivity in women, while improving sperm quality parameters in men. Even as a complimentary modality to ART, acupuncture has been shown to improve ovarian response, regulate and alleviate the side effects of hormonal therapy and improve IVF success rates.

A non-invasive, deep tissue massage of the abdomen or sacrum that primarily aims at improving blood flow, lymph flow and nerve function of the digestive and reproductive systems. The massage may also help improve abdominal organ function, leading to the alleviation of chronic physical and psychological tension. This technique may be applied as an adjunct to active attempts at natural conception or during assisted reproduction treatments.

Specialized advice on specific, small but effective changes to your diet that have been shown to improve egg and sperm quality. Specially trained and certified personnel can help you design meaningful intervention to your diet that focus on improving gonadal function, achieving endocrine balance and assisting in foetal implantation and development. Programmes are easy to follow and individualized, so you can make the changes you need at your own pace, in an empathetic and judgement-free manner.

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