Natural cycle IVF

A simple and effective programme that involves minor to no hormonal supplementation, employing largely the naturally produced, intrinsic hormones. This programme is arranged in sync with your menstrual cycle and ultimately aims at the collection of the oocyte that has been naturally selected by your body for that cycle.

Programme prerequisites:

  • That you are ovulating (meaning that your ovaries still release one mature oocyte during every cycle, find out more here).
  • That you are able to visit EmbryoClinic for the day of oocyte pickup and for the preceding monitoring (the latter may also be performed by your Gynaecologist elsewhere and the results are sent to us).

Laboratory tests play a critical role in ensuring your diagnosis is accurate and your treatment is appropriate.The process is very streamlined and includes a few basic steps that are aligned with your natural cycle, namely:

  • Baseline ultrasound and hormonal evaluation at the beginning of the cycle.
  • Subsequent ultrasound scans and hormonal measurements throughout the cycle, aiming at closer monitoring of the developing follicle.
  • Arrangement of oocyte pickup based on the aforementioned follicle monitoring.
  • Oocyte pick up.
  • Oocyte fertilization by IVF/ICSI as appropriate.
  • Embryotransfer and/or Vitrification and storage of the embryo.

This programme is recommended for women who:

  • Have a low ovarian reserve
  • Have low Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH)
  • A poor response to ovarian stimulation
  • Have a history of hormone-dependent malignancy.
  • Wish to avoid any potential risks associated with hormonal stimulation.
  • Have medical contraindications for use of ovarian stimulation.

The natural cycle programme confers several advantages:

  • Minimal external medication.
  • Reduced adverse effects.
  • Reduced risk of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome.
  • Short interval between treatment cycles.
  • Improved oocyte quality (statistically, the naturally selected oocyte is likely of higher quality and potentially has a lower chance for chromosomal abnormalities).
  • Improved implantation potential in fresh transfers (since the endometrium has developed naturally, unaffected by external medication for the ovaries).