Sperm/Embryo donation

In the sperm donation programme, the woman’s own oocytes are fertilised by sperm donated from a healthy donor. This programme is most frequently recommended in the following cases:

  • Couples with primarily male factor infertility, where the partner’s sperm has demonstrated severe abnormalities during specialized assessment
  • Couples with multiple failed IVF attempts due to male factor infertility.
  • For couples with the male partner suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia and testicular sperm retrieval (TESE/microTESE) has been unsuccessful or is contra-indicated.
  • For male partners with a history of vasectomy
  • Single women who wish for a single-parent family.
  • Female same sex couples.


An embryo donation programme involves the transfer and implantation of an already created embryo. This programme is recommended for:

  • Couples with combined male and female factor infertility.
  • Single women with infertility who wish for a single-parent family.
  • Female same-sex couples with infertility.