EmbryoClinic | Male infertility
In assessing male fertility, in addition to semen analysis, the patient’s medical history is also of great importance. In the case of a problem or an IVF failure associated with exceptionally low fertilization or with poor quality Day 4 or 5 embryos, a visit to a Specialist Urologist or Andrologist is recommended. If pathological causes of male infertility are excluded, there are other screening tests that may shed light on the problem. It should be noted that a normal semen analysis does not necessarily guarantee male fertility. There are situations where, despite the fact that there is a normal number of spermatozoa with good morphology and mobility in the sample, their DNA is abnormal. Today, there are a number of criteria to assess DNA quality, eg DNA fragmentation index (DFI), etc.
Male infertility, semen analysis
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