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with our Midwife / Fertility Coordinator (free of charge).

You may also want to attend a Fertility Information Evening (at no extra cost) held at EmbryoClinic and especially designed for couples considering starting a family and having problems falling pregnant.

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First consultation

During the first consultation, a Gynaecologist / Fertility Specialist will record a detailed account of your medical history, examine you and advise you regarding further tests that may be required.

Following an overall assessment of your case, alternative options will be discussed detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each, the success rates, etc.

If you have had tests done elsewhere, please have the results with you during your first consultation, along with any other information from previous treatment cycles, etc.

It is recommended that the couple attend the first consultation together.

A rough estimate of the duration of the first appointment is approximately one hour.

Meeting with our Midwife / Fertility Coordinator

(no charge)

If you decide to proceed with fertility treatment, the next step is to arrange a meeting with our Medwife, who will explain in detail what to expect, each stage of the treatment “cycle”, the drugs administered, required documents, consent forms, etc.

This is not a medical appointment but, rather, an opportunity to express concerns and gather all the information required to help you select the treatment most suitable for you.

Moreover, you may discuss alternative treatments and holistic fertility options offered by EmbryoClinic to compliment your treatment, including acupuncture, homeopathy, diet, etc.

For your convenience, it is possible to combine steps 1 and 3 in one appointment. If you so wish, please inform the Secretary before your visit.

Fertility Information Evenings

(no charge)

EmbryoClinic regularly organized Fertility Information Evenings, so as to introduce couples to the Unit, its services and staff. Couples have the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding fertility treatment in a safe and tranquil environment.

As there is a limit to the number of couples who may participate in each Evening, you are kindly requested to register beforehand.

Call us + 30 2310 420020