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At EMBRYOCLINIC we join forces to provide quality of care and fertility services customized to our patients. We are committed to effectiveness, safety and excellence. EmbryoClinic’s Medical Team was established in 1999 and its extensive experience is a guarantee for success in an ethical and safe environment. Cutting edge medical technology is used and current medical protocols applied in accordance to the latest international guidelines.
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IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is an assisted reproduction technique in which fertilization takes place in the laboratory.

IVF includes a variety of procedures (e.g. conventional IVF, ICSI, etc.) and is applied to sub fertile couples where simpler assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs) were either unsuitable or failed.

The success rate of IVF techniques ranges between 35 – 50%.

In recent decades, major advances have been achieved and the constant progress is reflected by the safety and high success rates of IVF techniques.

Nevertheless, 1 in 2 cycles do not result in a pregnancy and IVF is often a stressful experience for the couple. This stress may be minimized by fully understanding each step of the procedure and by taking advantage of the support offered by our Specialized Team at EmbryoClinic.

We encourage you to learn more, to feel free to ask our medical team questions, and to peruse the supplementary educational resources available in our website.

Various techniques and treatments are grouped under the umbrella of “Assisted Reproduction”. The primary treatment is IVF and it is important for a couple to have a clear understanding of the four basic stages incorporated in a typical IVF cycle before commencing treatment.

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