EmbryoClinic boasts state of the art facilities that combine safety, effectiveness, comfort and aesthetics.

Examination & consultation rooms

EmbryoClinic’s spacious examination rooms are fully equipped for physical gynaecological examination, ultrasound examination and swab testing for vaginal and cervical conditions, while simultaneously offering a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Patient consultation rooms offer the necessary space and privacy for one-on-one consultation of couples and individuals with Medical Specialists, Clinical Embryologists, Fertility Midwives and/or patient coordinators.

Patient facilities

The recovery room, adjacent to the Operating Thetre serves as both a pre-operative preparation room and a post-operative recovery room. With a four-bed capacity and patient-friendly arrangement, the recovery room is the primary patient monitoring facility prior to and after surgery. For our male patients, a specially designed room offers the necessary privacy, comfort and hygiene for the discreet collection of sperm samples.

Operating theatre

EmbryoClinic’s fully equipped Operating Theatre is utilized for the performance of all minimally invasive procedures associated with ART. Namely, the Operating Theatre is equipped for transvaginal oocyte retrieval, diagnostic hysteroscopy, transvaginal ovarian and endometrial PRP infusion and embryo transfer, while specialized testicular sperm extraction techniques (TESA, TESE & micro-TESE) may also be performed by a specialized Urological-Andrological Surgeon.

All surfaces of EmbryoClinic’s Operating Theatre are covered with specialized anti-microbial panelling (Corian®), which, combined with the strict disinfections protocols observed throughout EmbryoClinic’s facilities, guarantee optimal, antiseptic conditions. All procedures are performed under moderate/deep sedation (aka total intravenous anaesthesia), without mechanical ventilation. For complex cases, or for more advanced minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopy), procedures may be performed at an EmbryoClinic-partnered Tertiary Health Centre.


The crown jewel of EmbryoClinic’s facilities, the Embryology Laboratory is fully equipped and certified for all ART procedures, in adherence with modern industry standards. Laboratory antiseptic and optimal environmental conditions are maintained via specialized anti-microbial panelling (Corian®) on all Laboratory surfaces, in addition to strict air quality control via specialized filters and temperature control.

Innovative equipment for performing laser-assisted hatching of incubated embryos and laser-mediated trophectoderm biopsy for pre-implantation genetic testing is available and utilized when indicated.

EmbryoClinic’s Embryology Lab is equipped with a state of the art time-lapse embryo incubator (GERI®). This device ensures maintenance of optimal culture conditions (temperature, humidity, air quality) during the in vitro development of the embryo (the interim between oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer), while simultaneously recording this development, using microscope-enhanced, high definition cameras. These recordings are then edited into a time-lapse video of each embryo’s growth, whereby the timing of significant events in its development, or any deviation from said events, can be observed and assessed by the Embryologist. The system also incorporates advanced, AI algorithms that can recognize and evaluate these events, offering additional information to the Embryologist and thus improving the accuracy of embryo quality assessment. All this information is essential when deciding on embryo selection and prioritization for embryo transfer.

EmbryoClinic’s laboratory maintains an incorporated, fully equipped Andrology section for performing all necessary diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures regarding the male partner. Namely, semen analysis, sperm culture, basic sperm preparation and advanced sperm preparation via microfluidics-based sorting (ZyMot®, LensHooke®) constitute the primary services available.

Finally, EmbryoClinic’s Laboratory is fully equipped to prepare and extract Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) from collected peripheral blood samples in aseptic conditions. The complete in-house collection, preparation and infusion of PRP ensures high product quality and optimal reproductive outcomes.

Patient Coordination Department

Located in a separate facility on the third floor, the patient coordination and administration departments provide a welcoming and quiet space for patient communication, consultation and guidance, while at the same time constituting the primary facility where medical and legal documentation is organized and archived.

Gynaecology & Breast Clinics

Located on the fifth floor, the Gynaecology and Breast Clinics serve as both an extension of EmbryoClinic’s provided services, in addition to separate, distinct outpatient clinics that serve non-fertility patients as well. The three available examination rooms are fully equipped to provide all necessary gynaecological, obstetrical and breast care services to the highest standard. The equipment includes the state of the art GE VolusonTM E10 Ultrasound System, which offers, amongst others, superior image quality, three-dimensional imaging and AI-enhanced diagnostic algorithms, which can be used for breast, gynaecological, obstetrical and fertility patients alike. Additionally, since optimal cervical health status is a fundamental prerequisite of any ART treatment, at our Gynaecology Clinic we utilize the DYSIS® computer-aided colposcopy system, which ensures objective assessment of the cervix, using computerized detection of lesions, lesion mapping technology and one-on-one comparison of lesions with the previous test results.