Fertility advice at home

Having difficulties at natural conception is a common problem, faced by many couples.
Before you seek reproductive counselling, there are a few simple tips that you can try from the comfort of your home in order to ensure your attempts are happening at their full potential:


Active attempts are a given if you are trying to start your family, but the fertilization and conception window is narrower than you think. Organising the timing of the intercourse to occur within the fertile days may greatly improve the odds in your

Chronic stress, anxiety and depression have been associated with infertility for many years now. Muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, yoga exercises and meditation are but a few of countless techniques for relaxing at home. Everyone handles and responds to stress differently. Find the options that suits you best and go with it, it is likely to improve all other aspects of your health as well.

We are what we eat. A healthy, balanced diet that provides all necessary nutrients is key in order to maintain proper bodily functions. Reproduction is a “luxury” for the human body, meaning that it is secondary to other, more vital bodily processes. Therefore, a poor diet may impair your fertility. Adequate consumption of folic acid, iron, protein and other nutrients, in addition to sufficient caloric intake is vital to maintain and enhance your reproductive function. However, keep in mind that overconsumption of calories and obesity are also linked with endocrine dysfunction and infertility, therefore a body weight within the normal range of the Body Mass Index (18.5 – 25) definitely helps.

Bad habits die hard, but if they do, they may improve your fertility potential in addition to your overall health. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking have been associated with infertility, an effect more pronounced in men, but existent in women nonetheless. Cutting down on, or ideally completely ceasing such habits, may improve your chances of conception.

Certain common endocrine and metabolic conditions, such as diabetes and several thyroidopathies, are associated with infertility if not properly and sufficiently treated. Ensure adequate disease control with your attending physician before continuing your attempts at conception.

These simple tips may give you the small nudge that you need to succeed at your attempts at conception. However, if the difficulties persist in spite of these lifestyle modifications, consider fertility consultation. Contact us and try the free of charge, 15-minute consultation offered by EmbryoClinic specialists today!